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Five Reasons to travel with Capey Tours

We get it – when it comes to travel, all that choice can be a little overwhelming. How can you know we’re the guys for the job? What makes us so special?

Cape of Good Hope

The beauty of small group travel isn’t just new places, it’s new perspectives. It’s the stories you hear and the friendships you forge, the ones that stick around long after the tan has faded. Our travelers come from all walks of life; what unites them is where they’re going.

"Moments are better shared"

Peninsula views

Time is your most precious resource, especially on a holiday. That’s why our trips are built with balance in mind. A little group time, a little you time – the way it should be. And because our tours have an average of just 6-8 people, there’s more of the world to go round.

"Travel works better when balanced"


What is travel but a search for something that can’t be Googled? We love the highlights, but the real magic for us happens well away from a beaten path. It’s the boutique wine cellars, hidden galleries and quaint restaurants you won’t find in a search engine.

"Curiosity is a virtue"

Horse riding

Age, pillow preference, budget, relationship status – it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what matters is where you’d like to go. Our mission is to deliver the best travel experiences to anyone who’s up for them. So no matter if you favor a soft landing or a wild take-off, Capey Tours stands for you.

"Adventure should be for everyone"

Group tour to Namaqualand

We realized early on that the best folks to show you the heart of a destination are, funnily enough, the ones that live there. These are our guides: travel experts and friendly locals who know their country back to front, from every boutique wine cellar, to every hidden gallery. They’re the big, smiling face of Capey Tours.

"Our tour guides are the greatest"